Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Week

A quick update post on doing my part to combat global warming and deforestation. Last year I had planted 80 saplings of various trees and had written about it here. I had planted about half the saplings in the yard and the other half in a special holding area I had created for them.

I can't believe that one year has passed by so quickly already. As we celebrate earth week 2009, I wanted to update the status of the saplings. So far most of them have survived. It seems that I may have lost about 10 of the saplings due to the cold winter. However, I am optimistic that they may all come back. A big project for this week will be to replant the 40 or so saplings from the holding area in different parts of the yard.

We also had a visitor come by quite a few times last year and inspect the saplings holding area. You can see the saplings in the background, this little fox would spend his time in the general vicinity. He is now gone, I am assuming he got big and left for greener (er... meatier) pastures.

Well I will update pics when I have them after I have replanted the 40 saplings from the holding area. Do you part to leave a better earth to our children. We owe it to them. Plant a tree. Do what you can. Every little action counts.

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