Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Amazon Kindle for textbooks - Its About time

One Kindle to replace them all (text books)

The announcement that Amazon plans to unveil a new large-screen version of its Kindle e-book, bundled with other features designed to appeal to periodical and academic textbook publishers, brings me great Joy. For years and years textbooks, magazines and newspapers have used the one resource "paper" which leads to immense destruction of forests. With Kindle for Textbooks and its adoption by a few universities is just what we needed as an alternative to paper.

I can only imagine the benefits for students with this device. Imagine if each school or university pre-loads all their textbooks and assignment papers due dates and other pertinent information into this one device that students can carry around. The students can first of all carry lighter loads, always have the most up to date materials and receive any updates or new versions of the text books over the air.

I would most certainly buy a device, though I would prefer to wait for the second generation. I would like the kinks in the first generation product to be identified by the students and for amazon to fix them. This is not the only device, Sony has its own e-Reader. Here is a comparison of the e-reader and the regular kindle. Some of the pros and cons of the two are mentioned here.

The lesser our need for paper, the better it is for our forests and our planet.