Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Mighty Ping Pong Palooza

I had the opportunity to participate in a Ping Pong Matchup organized by Howard Lindzon. The event was sponsored by BuddyMedia and held at the Wang Chen's Table Tennis Club (250 W 100th St) on the upper west side of Manhattan. However I must say the place looked more like a Wang Chen's dungeon. The basement area where the ping pong palooza was held was steamy hot. I had to be careful to keep myself hydrated as you did not have to do much to start sweating in that cramped arena. Mike and Kass Lazerow (CEO and COO of BuddyMedia) had pulled together some great refreshments for the participants.

I must say that I made it to the final 16 only to be bested by Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell. He ultimately went on to win the paloozathon beating Nate Westheimer. I ran into Aaron Task 0f Yahoo tech ticker fame at the event.

Post palooza celebrations were at "The Abbey Pub" on 237 W 105th st. I also did meet some old friends Wayne and made some new friends Vishy, Adarsh, Timothy Sykes, Patrick Courtney, Scott, ozsultan, Brian, Leora and more. You can find some pictures here. I had a great time and the event was great for networking.

In the end I did get something - a Tshirt from Spiritual Gangster, a clothing company based out of Scottsdale Arizona.

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